Wireless High Gain USB Adapter RNX-N150HG User Manual
¾ IP Address - This displays the computer’s IP address.
¾ Control Channel - This shows the currently connected channel.
¾ Data Encryption - Here displays the encryption type the driver is using. You can
configure it on the Security tab of Profile Management.
¾ Server Based Authentication - This shows whether the server based authentication
is used.
¾ Signal Strength - This shows the strength of the signal.
Click Advanced on the screen above, you can see advanced information about the
program and its operations.
3.1.2 Profile Management
Click the Profile Management tab of the UTILITY and the next screen will appear (shown
in XFigure 3-2X). The Profile Management screen provides tools to:
¾ Add a new profile
¾ Modify a profile
¾ Remove a profile
¾ Activate a Profile
¾ Import a Profile
¾ Export a Profile
¾ Scan Available Networks
¾ Order profiles
Figure 3-2
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