Wireless High Gain USB Adapter RNX-N150HG User Manual Add or Modify a Configuration Profile
To add a new configuration profile, click New on the Profile Management tab. To modify a
configuration profile, select the configuration profile from the Profile list and click Modify.
Then you will see the Management dialog box (shown in XFigure 3-3).
1. Edit the General tab
¾ Profile Name - Please enter the Profile name which identifies the configuration profile.
This name must be unique. Note that the profile names are not case-sensitive.
¾ Client Name - Please enter the Profile name which identifies the client machine.
¾ Network Names (SSIDs) - Please enter the IEEE 802.11 wireless network name.
This field has a maximum limit of 32 characters.
Figure 3-3
2. Edit the Security tab
Select the Security tab in the screen above, and then you can edit the fields to configure
the profile. To define the security mode, select the radio button of the desired security
mode as follows.
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