Wireless High Gain USB Adapter RNX-N150HG User Manual
Chapter 2 Installation Guide
2.1 Hardware Installation
There are two ways to install the Adapter:
1. Plug the Adapter directly to the USB port on your computer.
2. Connect the Adapter and your computer through the USB cable attached in package.
) Note:
The promoted Found New Hardware Wizard screen will pop up when the adapter is
installed correctly. Click Cancel.
2.2 Software Installation
2.2.1 For Windows XP
The Setup steps for Windows 2000 and XP are similar with each other. This user guide
takes Windows XP for example.
1. Insert the Resource CD into your CD-ROM drive. To continue, double-click My
Computer, and then double-click the CD/DVD drive where the installation CD was
placed. Open RNX-N150HG folder, and double-click Setup.exe. Then you will see
Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-1
2. Soon, Figure 2-2 will display after a moment. Click Next to continue.
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