Professional Blender 1400W RHPB-18001
1. Blending Jar: 2 Liter capacity, impact-resistant–Tritan, SUS 420 Stainless Steel blades,
food-grade materials, BPA- Free.
2. Whisk Bar: The whisk bar is only intended for mixing / pushing foods closer to the blades
during blending, not for other purposes. Before usinge the whisk bar, make sure the cover is
in proper position.
3. Speed: 33000 RPM Max Speed.
4. Low Noise Level: Less than 85 dB (1 meter from the product, background noise is less
than 65 dB).
5. Safety and Protections:
Safety Switch – If the blending jar is not correctly positioned or the blending jar is removed
during blending, the machine will not work. You will need to put the blending jar in
proper position, rotate the Speed Regulator Knob to “ ” position, then resume.
Overheat Protection – If the blender operates for extended periods of time, the thermal
limiter will stop the machine to protect its motor from overheating. If thermal limiter
activates, reduce load of the blending jar and wait at least 30 minutes to let the motor cool
down.Then resume use. If LED light is flashing but product still does not work, wait another
10 to 20 minutes.
Overcurrent Protection – If blending very hard foods (or big quantities) incorrectly, the
blades may become blocked and the current limiter will stop the machine. If current limiter
activates, switch off the product and remove the items causing blockage. Then resume use.
Cleaning & Maintenance
1. Before cleaning, make sure the power is switched off and Speed Regulator Knob is in “ ”
position. Then unplug the blender from power source.
2. Use water to clean the blending jar, but not chemical agents or other liquids.
3. To clean the motor base, use only dry cloths. Nnever use wet cloths or immerse the motor
base into water.
4. If the product operates with abnormal noise, or shaking, stop use and contact Rosewill Tech
Support. Never repair the product yourself.
1. After using the blender, repack and store it in a dry place, away from sun exposure.
2. Keep out of children’s reach.
3. Ensure the product is dry before storage.
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