Wireless N Dual Band Adapter RNX-N600UBE User Manual
there may be a problem with the broadband connection.
Check that the LED indicators on the wireless router are functioning properly. If not, check
that the AC power and Ethernet cables are firmly connected.
Check that the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS settings are correctly entered
for the network.
In Infrastructure mode, make sure the same Service Set Identifier (SSID) is specified on the
settings for the wireless clients and access points.
In Ad-Hoc mode, both wireless clients will need to have the same SSID. Please note that it
might be necessary to set up one client to establish a BSS (Basic Service Set) and wait
briefly before setting up other clients. This prevents several clients from trying to establish a
BSS at the same time, which can result in multiple singular BSSs being established, rather
than a single BSS with multiple clients associated to it.
Check that the Network Connection for the wireless client is configured properly.
If Security is enabled, make sure that the correct encryption keys are entered on both the
Adapter and the access point.
4. I can’t find any wireless access point / wireless device in ‘Site Survey’
1. Click ‘Rescan’ for few more times and see if you can find any wireless access point or
wireless device.
2. Please move closer to any known wireless access point.
3. ‘Ad hoc’ function must be enabled for the wireless device you wish to establish a direct
wireless link.
4. Please adjust the position of network card (you may have to move your computer if
you’re using a notebook computer) and click ‘Rescan’ button for few more times. If you
can find the wireless access point or wireless device you want to connect by doing this,
try to move closer to the place where the wireless access point or wireless device is
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