Wireless N Dual Band Adapter RNX-N600UBE User Manual
5. Nothing happens when I click ‘Open Config Utility’
1. Please make sure the wireless network card is inserted into your computer’s USB port.
2. Reboot the computer and try again.
3. Remove the card and insert it into another USB port.
4. Remove the driver and re-install.
5. Contact the dealer of purchase for help.
6. I can not establish connection with a certain wireless access point
1. Click ‘Add to Profile’ for few more times.
2. If the SSID of access point you wish to connect is hidden (nothing displayed in
3. ‘SSID’ field in ‘Site Survey’ function), you have to input correct SSID of the access point
you wish to connect. Please contact the owner of access point to ask for correct SSID.
4. You have to input correct passphrase / security key to connect an access point with
encryption. Please contact the owner of access point to ask for correct passphrase /
security key.
5. The access point you wish to connect only allows network cards with specific MAC
address to establish connection. Please go to ‘Status’ menu and write the value of ‘MAC
Address’ down, then present this value to the owner of access point so he / she can add
the MAC address of your network card to his / her access point’s list.
7. The network is slow / having problem when transferring large files
1. Move closer to the place where access point is located.
2. There could be too much people using the same radio channel. Ask the owner of the
access point to change the channel number.
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