Hard-to-nd made easy. At StarTech.com, that isn’t a slogan. It’s a promise.
StarTech.com is your one-stop source for every connectivity part you need. From
the latest technology to legacy products — and all the parts that bridge the old and
new — we can help you nd the parts that connect your solutions.
We make it easy to locate the parts, and we quickly deliver them wherever they need
to go. Just talk to one of our tech advisors or visit our website. You’ll be connected to
the products you need in no time.
Visit www.startech.com for complete information on all StarTech.com products and
to access exclusive resources and time-saving tools.
StarTech.com is an ISO 9001 Registered manufacturer of connectivity and technology
parts. StarTech.com was founded in 1985 and has operations in the United States,
Canada, the United Kingdom and Taiwan servicing a worldwide market.
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