Instruction Manual
Windows Vista/ 7/ Server 2008 R2
1. Plug the USB adapter into an available USB port on the computer.
2. When the Found New Hardware window appears on the screen, click on the “Locate
and install drivers software (recommended)” option. If prompted to search online,
select the “Don’t search online” option.
3. When prompted to insert the disc, insert the Driver CD that came with the card, into
your CD/DVD drive and Windows will automatically proceed to search the CD.
4. If a Windows Security dialog window appears, click the “Install this driver software
anyway” option to proceed.
5. Once the driver is installed, click the Close button.
6. If Windows is unable to locate drivers, press the “Back” button or restart the wizard
and select the option to “Browse the computer” and have it search the “USB_to_IO\
FTDI” location on the CD by clicking the “Browse” button.
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