Instruction Manual
DC power input port. The Status LED (power) will light up solid (green), and the
device server will beep once.
6. Turn any equipment that was turned o in step 1 back on (networking and serial
Install the device server using the terminal block
1. Repeat steps 1 through 3 from the Install using the power adapter section.
2. If already inserted, remove the terminal block connector from the device server. The
two screws located on the left and right side of the terminal block connector may
need to be loosened using a small, at-head screwdriver (not provided).
3. Loosen the two screws on the top of the terminal block connector using a small,
at-head screwdriver.
4. Connect the positive and negative wires from your DC power source to the proper
terminal block connectors and tighten the screws. The terminals are marked on the
device server’s casing.
Note: Ensure that the polarity of the input power — positive (+) and negative (-) — is
correctly matched with the terminal block pins to ensure proper function.
5. Reinsert the terminal block into the device server and tighten the screws that were
loosened in step 2. The Status LED (power) will light up solid (green), and
the device server will beep once.
Install the device server
The device server can be powered using the provided power adapter, or using the
terminal block power input (9~36V DC). You can also use redundant power input by
connecting both the power adapter and terminal block power.
If one of your power sources fails, the device server will switch to the secondary power
Install the device server using the power adapter
1. Turn o any equipment that will be connected to the device server.
2. Connect up to two RS232 serial devices to the device server’s DB9 RS232 ports,
using a straight-through serial cable (not provided).
3. Connect your network equipment to the device server’s 10/100Mbps RJ45 port, using
RJ45 Cat5e (or higher) Ethernet cable (not provided).
4. Select the appropriate power clip for your region and connect it to the power
5. Connect the power adapter to an AC electrical outlet and to the device server’s
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