The anodes installed in a vitreous enamel lined steel water heater cylinder will slowly dissipate whilst protecting
the cylinder. The life of the cylinder may be extended by replacing the anodes.
If the anodes are not replaced during a five year service (refer to “Major Five Year Service” on page 9) then
the maximum time after installation when the anodes should be replaced for this water heater is 8 years.
For water supplies which are either softened or desalinated, or where the water supply may alternate between
a water tank and a reticulated public supply or another supply, it is recommended the anodes be replaced
within 5 years of installation.
If the water supply has a TDS greater than 150 mg/L and a green anode has not been changed to a black
anode, or if the TDS is greater than 600 mg/L and an anode has not been changed to a blue anode, there is
the possibility the anode may become overactive and hydrogen gas could accumulate in the top of the water
heater during long periods of no use.
If, under these conditions, the water heater has not been used for two or more weeks the following procedure
should be carried out before using any electrical appliances (automatic washing machines and dishwashers)
which are connected to the hot water supply.
The hydrogen, which is highly flammable, should be vented safely by opening a hot tap and allowing the water
to flow. There should be no smoking or naked flame near the tap whilst it is turned on. Any hydrogen gas will
be dissipated. This is indicated by an unusual spurting of the water from the tap. Once the water runs freely,
any hydrogen in the system will have been released.
The saturation index is used as a measure of the water’s corrosive or scaling properties.
In a corrosive water supply, the water can attack copper parts and cause them to fail.
In a scaling water supply calcium carbonate is deposited out of the water onto any hot metallic surface.
Where the saturation index exceeds +0.40, the water is very scaling. An expansion control valve must be fitted
on the cold water line after the non-return valve to protect and for the Rheem warranty to apply to the
temperature pressure relief valve and water heater cylinder.
Water which is scaling may be treated with a water softening device to reduce the saturation index of the water.
Refer to the Saturation Index chart on page 13.
Refer to the cold water connection detail on page 32 for the position of the expansion control valve.
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