The system is suitable for installation with S200 / SPA2000 or T200 / SCA2000 solar collectors.
Working on roofs is and should always be considered a hazardous activity, particularly early in the
morning, late in the evening, when the roof is wet or during and after periods of rain.
All work must be carried out in accordance with Local, State and Federal Occupational Safety, Health and
Welfare Regulations. In particular, the requirements for safety whilst manual lifting, working at heights and
on roofs.
Installers must be competently trained in:
Height Hazard Assessment
Working at Height Procedures
Assessment / Use / Wearing of correct height safety equipment (harnesses etc.)
All other relevant safety factors specific to the installation and maintenance work to be compliant with
suitable Occupational, Health and Safety Regulations / Codes.
All relevant permits shall be obtained from the regulatory authorities before commencing work to install
the solar hot water system.
All work carried out must be performed by appropriately qualified tradespeople or be suitably supervised
for trades assistant duties.
Every care must be taken to protect and warn occupants of the building and the public from personal injury
which may occur from falling tools, roof materials, fittings or any other hazards of a general nature.
Advise the occupants of any inconvenience which may occur due to disconnection of existing water and
electrical supplies.
The connection, attachment, integration or general association of other equipment or parts which either
directly or indirectly affect the operation or performance of this equipment could void the Rheem warranty.
All packaging must be removed from the water heater prior to its installation. This includes the removal of
the cardboard base of the carton from the underside of the water heater.
The water heater must be installed:
by a qualified person, and
in accordance with the installation instructions, and
in compliance with Standards AS/NZS 3500.4, AS/NZS 3000, AS 5601 or AS/NZS 5601.1, as applicable
under local regulations, and all local codes and regulatory authority requirements.
In New Zealand, the installation must also conform to Clause G12 of the New Zealand Building Code.
Warning: Temperature controllers must not be fitted to an in-series gas booster as part of a solar water
heater system because water at a temperature much higher than the controller setting can be delivered.
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