Victorian Installers
Notice to Victorian Installers from the Victorian Plumbing Industry Commission if this solar water heater is
installed in a new Class 1 dwelling in the State of Victoria. The system model number is to be recorded on the
Certificate of Compliance. It is also a requirement to provide the householder with permanent documentation
recording the system model number exactly as it is shown in the ‘VEET Product Register’ published by the
Essential Services Commission in Victoria (see This documentation may be in the form
of an indelible label adhered to the solar storage tank, or other suitable form placed in an accessible location,
such as the meter box, for later inspection.
This water heater is designed for use in a single family domestic dwelling for the purpose of heating potable
water. Its use in an application other than this may shorten its life.
If this water heater is to be used where an uninterrupted hot water supply is necessary for the application or
business, then there should be back-up redundancy within the hot water system design. This should ensure
the continuity of hot water supply in the event that this water heater was to become inoperable for any reason.
We recommend you provide advice to the system owner about their needs and building back-up redundancy
into the hot water supply system.
Note: AS 3498 requires that a water heater provides the means to inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria in
potable water. If this water heater is installed with an continuous flow in-series gas booster, then this
requirement of AS 3498 can be satisfied provided the booster is energised, its preset outlet temperature setting
is 70°C or higher and a remote temperature controller is not used.
If this water heater is installed with an in-series storage booster, then this requirement of AS 3498 can be
satisfied provided the storage booster is energised and its thermostat setting is 60°C or higher.
Installing the Water Heater as a Pre-Heater
This water heater can be used as a pre-heater to a new or existing in-series booster water heater provided:
The in-series booster water heater is;
thermostatically-controlled and not flow-controlled, except when used in conjunction with an electronic
continuous flow gas water heater, and
is suitable to be used as an in-series booster water heater for a solar water heater.
The operating pressures of the two water heaters are compatible or reduced to the lower of the two
The in-series booster water heater has sufficient thermal capacity to supply the hot water requirements of
the application during periods of low or no solar gain.
A temperature-operated bypass valve is installed if the in-series water heater has either an over
temperature energy cut-out which can be permanently disabled by high temperature hot water or a
maximum recommended inlet supply temperature less than the temperature of water which can be
supplied by this solar water heater.
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