This water heater can deliver water at temperatures which can cause scalding.
It is necessary and we recommend that a temperature limiting device be fitted between the in-series booster
and the hot water outlets in any ablution area such as a bathroom or ensuite, to reduce the risk of scalding.
The installing plumber may have a legal obligation to ensure the installation of this water heater meets the
delivery water temperature requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4 so that scalding water temperatures are not
delivered to a bathroom, ensuite or other ablution area.
The temperature limiting device used with a solar water heater should have a specified minimum temperature
differential between the hot water inlet and the tempered water outlet of no greater than 10°C. Refer to the
specifications of the temperature limiting device.
Where a temperature limiting device is installed adjacent to the in-series booster after a closed circuit solar
water heater, the cold water line to the temperature limiting device can be branched off the cold water line
either before or after the isolation valve, pressure limiting valve and non-return valve to the solar storage tank.
If an expansion control valve is required, it must always be installed after the non-return valve and be the last
valve prior to the solar storage tank.
If a pressure limiting valve is installed on the cold water line to the solar storage tank and the cold water line
to a temperature limiting device branches off before this valve or from another cold water line in the premises,
then a pressure limiting valve of an equal pressure setting may be required prior to the temperature limiting
Two Temperature Zones Using Temperature Limiting Device
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