The cold water line to and the hot water line from the water heater must be insulated in accordance with the
requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4. The insulation must be weatherproof and UV resistant if exposed.
The full length of the solar hot and solar cold pipes between the solar storage tank and the solar collectors
MUST BE insulated. Refer to “Warning: Plumber Be Aware” on page 29.
The vitreous enamel lined cylinder of the water heater is only covered by the Rheem warranty when the total
dissolved solids (TDS) content in the water is less than 2500 mg/L and when the correct colour coded anode
is used. If an incorrect colour coded anode is used in the water heater, any resultant faults will not be covered
by the Rheem warranty. In addition, the use of an incorrect colour coded anode may shorten the life of the
water heater cylinder.
The correct colour coded anode for the water supply being used must be selected and fitted to the water heater
for the Rheem warranty to apply to the water heater cylinder (refer to “Water Supplies” on page 11 and the
Anode Selection chart on page 11). The black anode is typically fitted as standard.
Total Dissolved Solids
Anode colour code
0 40 mg/L
40 150 mg/L
Green or Black
150 400 mg/L
400 600 mg/L
Black or Blue
600 2500 mg/L
2500 mg/L +
Blue (no cylinder warranty)
If the water supply has a TDS greater than 150 mg/L and a green anode has not been changed to a black
anode, or if the TDS is greater than 600 mg/L and an anode has not been changed to a blue anode, there is
the possibility the anode may become overactive and hydrogen gas could accumulate in the top of the water
heater during long periods of no use. In areas where this is likely to occur, the installer should instruct the
householder on how to dissipate the gas safely (refer to “Caution” on page 12).
To prevent damage to the cylinder when attaching pipe clips or saddles to the water heater jacket, we
recommend the use of self-drilling screws with a maximum length of 13 mm. Should pre drilling be required,
extreme caution must be observed when penetrating the jacket of the water heater.
Note: If the cylinder or other components are damaged as a result of attaching pipe clips or saddles
to the jacket, any resultant faults will not be covered by the Rheem warranty.
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