Consideration must be given to the position of the solar collectors in relation to the solar storage tank. There
are limitations on both the maximum length of the solar hot and solar cold pipes and the maximum height
between the solar storage tank and the solar collectors. Refer to “Solar Water Heater Storage Tank Location”
on page 19, to “Pipe Lengths” on page 28 and to “Maximum Height To Collectors” on page 30.
The solar collectors must be installed in a shade free position. The surrounds should be checked for higher
buildings or trees which may cause shade at other times of the year and for small trees which may grow and
shade the solar collectors in the future.
The installation must comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4 and all local codes and regulatory
authority requirements.
Refer to the installation instructions supplied with the collector kit for details on the installation of the solar
The installer must ensure the structural integrity of the building is not compromised by the solar water heater
installation and the roof structure is suitable to carry the full weight of the solar collectors and frame (if one is
installed). If in any doubt of the construction or the condition of the roof, the roof should be suitably
strengthened. Consult a structural engineer. Each S200 / SPA2000 and T200 / SCA2000 solar collector and
its fittings weigh approximately 54 kg when full of closed circuit fluid.
Roof area required for solar collectors:
3 solar collectors 3.4 m wide x 2.0 m deep Weight (full) 162 kg approx.
2 solar collectors 2.3 m wide x 2.0 m deep Weight (full) 108 kg approx.
1 solar collector 1.2 m wide x 2.0 m deep Weight (full) 54 kg approx.
In addition to this area, a minimum one (1) metre clearance is recommended on all four sides of the solar
collectors for safe service access.
Maximum Number of Collectors
The maximum recommended number of collectors for this drain back closed circuit system are:
270 litre tank 3 x S200 / SPA2000, T200 / SCA2000 collectors
To help maximise system performance, solar collectors should be installed with an optimum orientation facing
true north (in the southern hemisphere) or true south (in the northern hemisphere). Always check for true north
or true south using a compass or other suitable device.
The solar performance of a system reduces as the orientation of the collectors moves away from the optimum
orientation, resulting in the need for increased boosting to supply the same hot water load. Solar collectors
facing up to 45° from the optimum orientation will receive about 4% to 5% less total solar radiation.
However, the optimum orientation of solar collectors is not always practical or achievable. Solar collectors may
be installed up to 90° from the optimum orientation. Where the orientation is greater than 60° from the optimum,
either an additional solar collector or selective surface collectors in lieu of non selective surface collectors may
be installed to make up for the reduction in solar performance.
Each of these options should be discussed with the system owner. If neither of these options is possible nor
acceptable to the system owner, then the system owner needs to be made aware of, understand and accept
that increased boosting may be required to meet their hot water requirements.
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