Maximum Height To Collectors
The solar collectors must be the highest point of the system. The maximum height of the solar installation,
from the base of the solar storage tank to the top of the solar collectors, is 9 m for this closed circuit system.
The pump supplied with the solar storage tank will not circulate closed circuit fluid through heights greater than
9 m and solar gain will not be achieved.
For heights greater than 9 m, an auxiliary pump (kit PN 299914) must be installed above and within 1 m of the
solar storage tank. The installation of an auxiliary pump will enable a maximum height of 18 m to be achieved.
Refer to “Auxiliary Pump” on page 37.
Note: The top of the solar storage tank must be a minimum of 500 mm below the bottom of the solar collectors
for the system to operate correctly.
Closed Circuit System Drain Back Solar 270 Litre Tank Pipe Work Installation Requirements
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