All plumbing work must be carried out by a qualified person and in accordance with the requirements of the
Standard AS/NZS 3500.4, and all local codes and regulatory authority requirements. In New Zealand, the
installation must conform to Clause G12 of the New Zealand Building Code.
Note: The solar storage tank of a solar water heater should not be installed as part of a circulated hot water
flow and return system in a building. The benefits of solar gain will be significantly reduced. If a circulated flow
and return system is required, it is necessary to connect the return line to the in-series booster, not the solar
storage tank. Refer to “Circulated Hot Water Flow and Return System” on page 22.
Hot water connection: Rp 3/4.
Cold water connection: Rp 3/4.
Solar hot (from collector) connection: DN15 compression fitting.
Solar cold (to collector) connection: DN15 compression fitting.
Temperature Pressure Relief valve connection: Rp 1/2.
Solar circuit pressure relief valve connection: G 1/2.
All pipe work must be cleared of foreign matter before
connection and purged before attempting to operate the water
heater. All olive compression fittings must use brass or copper
olives. Use an approved thread sealant such as Teflon tape on
all other threaded joints. Conetite or O-ring fittings do not require
a thread sealant.
An isolation valve and non-return valve must be installed on the
cold water line to the water heater. An acceptable arrangement
is shown in the diagram. Refer also to “Hot Water Delivery” on
page 21 and to “Mains Water Supply” on page 19. The solar hot
and solar cold pipe connections are shown on page 34.
A disconnection union must always be provided at the cold water inlet and hot
water outlet on the water heater to allow for disconnection of the water heater.
This solar storage tank has either a plastic dip tube or fitting liner in the inlet
and outlet fittings (see diagram). These must be in place for the water heater
to function properly. Do not remove or damage them by using heat nearby.
They will be pushed into the correct position as the fitting is screwed in.
To achieve true mains pressure operation, the cold water line to the water heater should be the same size or
bigger than the tempered water and hot water lines from the water heater.
The pipe sizing for hot water supply systems should be carried out by persons competent to do so, choosing
the most suitable pipe size for each individual application. Reference to the technical specifications of the water
heater and local regulatory authority requirements must be made.
The pipe work between the solar storage tank and an in-series booster has a minimum recommended pipe
size of DN20, MUST BE of copper and be fully insulated with a closed cell type insulation or equivalent in
accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4.
The insulation must be weatherproof and UV resistant if exposed. The insulation must be fitted up to the
connections on both the solar storage tank and the in-series booster. An isolation valve must be installed on
the water line to the in-series booster.
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