The power supply to the water heater must not be switched on until the solar storage tank is filled with
It is not mandatory to conduct a megger test on a plug in appliance, however if a megger test is conducted on
this water heater, then the following should be noted.
Warning: This water heater contains electronic equipment and 500 V insulation tests must only be
conducted between either active and earth or neutral and earth. An active to neutral test WILL damage the
An insulation test result of approximately 660 for this water heater is normal.
Typically the insulation resistance between live and earthed parts of an electrical installation should not be
less than 1 MΩ. However AS/NZS 3000:2000 clause ‘Results’ states:
The value of 1 MΩ may be reduced to:
0.01 MΩ for sheathed heating elements or appliances; or
a value permitted in the Standard applicable to electrical equipment.”
This model water heater is categorised as a ‘stationary class 1 motor operated appliance’ and has been tested
to AS/NZS 3350.1:2002 clause 16 ‘Leakage current and electric strength’ and has passed the requirements
of this Standard. Therefore, this model water heater complies with the condition stated in AS/NZS 3000:2000
clause (b).
All electrical work and permanent wiring must be carried out by a qualified person and in accordance with the
Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000 and all local codes and regulatory authority requirements.
Warning: Temperature controllers must not be fitted to the in-series booster as part of a solar water heater
system because water at a temperature much higher than the controller setting can be delivered.
The water heater requires a 240 V AC, 50 Hz mains power supply for operation. The solar storage tank,
supplied with a 1.8 metre power cord to operate the solar controls requires a switched general purpose outlet
(GPO) to be located within 1.2 metres of the installation. The GPO must have a continuous power supply. The
GPO is required to be weatherproof if installed outdoors.
The power consumption of the water heater is:
Solar controller
3 Watts
Constant load
Solar pump
165 Watts
Maximum load at solar heating cycle start up
(for approximately two (2) minutes)
50 Watts
Average load during the solar heating cycle
The water heater will only operate on a sine wave at 50 Hz. Devices generating a square wave cannot be used
to supply power to the water heater.
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