The solar collectors must be the highest point of the system. The maximum height of the solar installation from
the base of the solar storage tank to the top of the solar collectors is 9 m. The pump supplied with the solar
storage tank will not circulate closed circuit fluid through heights greater than 9 m and solar gain will not be
For heights greater than 9 m, an auxiliary pump (kit PN 299914) must be installed above and within 1 m of the
solar storage tank. The installation of an auxiliary pump will enable a maximum height of 18 m to be achieved.
The auxiliary pump is the same model pump as supplied with the solar storage tank.
Note: The installation of an auxiliary pump does not allow for an increase in total pipe length of the system.
The maximum pipe lengths must be observed (refer to “Pipe Lengths” on page 28).
Part No
Kit Contents and Description
Kit 2nd Pump Assembly Drain Back
installation instructions auxiliary pump
pump Salmson HXL63-15P RU15/21 Union
bracket pump wall mount
cover pump wall mount
screw phillips pan head no 8 x 13
union fitting assembly ½” x ½” male
(includes union ½” x ½” male, copper olive, compression nut)
cable tie black 200 mm long
cable tie mount adhesive backed 4 way
The auxiliary pump is to be installed:
on the solar cold pipe from the solar storage tank to the solar collectors.
Refer to the label on top of the storage tank to identify the solar cold pipe. The solar cold pipe connection
is located toward the outer edge of the top of the solar storage tank.
within 1 m of the top of the solar storage tank.
with the inlet and outlet in a vertical orientation.
Note: The arrows on the rear face of the pump indicate the direction of flow and should be pointing
upwards when the pump is in the installed position.
with the mounting bracket securely fixed to a structure, such as a wall, with suitable screws or anchors.
wired to the control board and earth connector strip (refer to “Auxiliary Pump – Electrical Connection” on
page 39).
with the speed setting set on 3.
This speed setting must not be adjusted. The solar control unit automatically controls and adjusts the
speed of the pump to maximise solar contribution. Manual adjustment of the speed dial setting may result
in the system not operating correctly or efficiently.
enclosed within the mounting cover provided in the kit to protect it from rain as the pump is not
The mounting cover is to be secured to the mounting bracket with the screws provided.
with the insulation on the solar cold pipe fitted up to the connections of the auxiliary pump, as very
high temperature closed circuit fluid can flow from the solar collectors to the solar storage tank under
certain conditions.
Refer to the installation diagram on page 38.
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