It is necessary to commission and check the operation of the solar circuit as part of the installation. The water
heater is supplied charged with closed circuit fluid.
The commissioning procedure includes checking the:
circulation of closed circuit fluid through the solar circuit.
drain back function of the solar circuit.
solar circuit under circulation to ensure there are no leaks.
level of the closed circuit fluid.
The level of the closed circuit fluid should not have to be adjusted, but may need to be if:
there is a significant leak in the solar pipe work and closed circuit fluid has been discharged.
a third solar collector is installed.
the maximum recommended solar pipe length is exceeded.
Additional Equipment
Additional equipment will be required for the commissioning and checking of the solar circuit. This includes
checking the closed circuit fluid level and conducting a drain back test. The following equipment is required:
a 1500 mm long x 12 mm (½”) diameter clear hose (closed circuit fluid level hose).
one (1) ½” hose clamp.
a suitable plug for one end of the hose.
suitable tape to affix the hose to the side of the solar storage tank.
a torch to illuminate the working area under the heat exchanger and storage tank cylinder.
a non-permanent marker.
Closed Circuit Fluid
The water heater is supplied charged with closed circuit fluid and it is not necessary to add further closed circuit
fluid to the system. If the closed circuit fluid has been completely drained or discharged from the solar circuit
and needs to be replaced, then the amount to be added is:
4.5 litres of concentrate, mixed with
11.5 litres of water.
It is necessary to undertake the solar circuit commissioning procedure if the closed circuit fluid has been
The closed circuit fluid contains food grade additives (rust inhibitor, anti-freeze agent, colour) and is harmless
to the environment. However, it is good practice to recover any excess closed circuit fluid and remove from
site for appropriate disposal.
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