6. Disconnect the drain line from the solar circuit relief valve
at the top of the solar storage tank. Remove the spring clip
from the solar circuit relief valve and remove the valve.
Warning: The solar circuit may be under pressure.
Take care when removing the solar circuit relief valve, as
a sudden discharge of pressurised hot vapour may be
experienced. This discharge will create a sharp sound of
vapour being released.
7. Open the heat exchanger drain valve and remove the plug
from the end of the hose.
The closed circuit fluid will flood the hose to the static level
of the closed circuit fluid inside of the heat exchanger.
8. Mark the static level of the closed circuit fluid on the side
of the solar storage tank with a non-permanent marker.
Solar Circuit Circulation
9. Disconnect the hot sensor lead from the connecting plug
located on the tab in the upper front cover opening.
It is important, at the end of this procedure when the
commissioning and checking of the solar circuit is
complete, to reconnect the hot sensor lead, otherwise
when the electrical supply is switched on, the solar pump
will deactivate after one hour and the solar control unit will
then enter a fault mode and no solar gain will be achieved.
10. Switch on the electrical supply at the power outlet to the
solar storage tank.
Warning: Take care not to enter the area inside the solar storage tank behind the front covers whilst
the power is on as the electrical circuit will be live.
The red LED on the solar monitor label will start flashing.
The pump will activate and commence pumping closed circuit fluid around the solar circuit.
The level of the closed circuit fluid in the clear hose will slowly drop to the dynamic operating level.
Allow the pump to operate for three (3) minutes (one and two collector systems) or for five (5) minutes
(three collector system) to allow the solar circuit to fill with closed circuit fluid and stabilise.
Note: The solar pump will operate for one hour with the hot sensor lead disconnected, before automatically
turning itself off (refer to step 13).
drain line
and remove
solar circuit
relief valve
drain valve
disconnect hot
sensor lead
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