The water heater has a freeze protection system. The water heater, including the in-series gas booster, is not
suitable for installation in areas where the ambient temperature falls below -20°C (including wind chill factor).
Refer to “Freeze Protection” on page 20 for further information.
The solar control unit will circulate the closed circuit fluid through the
solar collectors until a temperature of approximately 75°C is reached
in the solar storage tank. During periods of low solar energy gain, the
in-series booster will boost the water temperature automatically to its
temperature setting when required.
Note: AS 3498 requires that a water heater provides the means to
inhibit the growth of Legionella bacteria in potable water. If this water
heater is installed with an continuous flow in-series gas booster, then
this requirement of AS 3498 can be satisfied provided the booster is
energised, its preset outlet temperature setting is 70°C or higher and
a remote temperature controller is not used.
If this water heater is installed with an in-series storage booster, then
this requirement of AS 3498 can be satisfied provided the storage
booster is energised and its thermostat setting is 60°C or higher.
Warning: Temperature controllers must not be fitted to the in-series booster as part of a solar water heater
system because water at a temperature much higher than the controller setting can be delivered.
This water heater can deliver water at temperatures which can cause scalding. Check the water temperature
before use, such as when entering a shower or filling a bath or basin, to ensure it is suitable for the application
and will not cause scald injury.
We recommend and it may also be required by regulations that an approved temperature limiting device be
fitted into the hot water pipe work to the bathroom and ensuite when this water heater is installed. This will
keep the water temperature below 50°C at the bathroom and ensuite. The risk of scald injury will be reduced
and still allow hotter water to the kitchen and laundry.
This water heater is only intended to be operated by persons who have the experience or the knowledge and
the capabilities to do so. This water heater is not intended to be operated by persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities i.e. the infirm, or by children. Children should be supervised to ensure they do
not interfere with the water heater.
This water heater uses 240 V AC electrical power for operation of the control systems and the electrically
operated components. The removal of the front covers will expose 240 V wiring. They must only be removed
by a qualified person. The power lead from the water heater must be plugged into a weatherproof electrical
outlet if installed outdoors. Take care not to touch the power plug with wet hands.
Do not touch any exposed pipe work or fittings connecting the solar storage tank and the solar collectors, as
this may result in a burn injury. Very high temperature closed circuit fluid can be generated by the solar
collectors under certain conditions and this flows through the pipe work from the solar collectors to the solar
storage tank.
Note: Any exposed pipe work or fittings in the collector circuit should be attended to and covered with
insulation. Phone Rheem Service or their nearest Accredited Service Agent to arrange for an inspection.
Should the water from the water heater appear blue or if blue closed circuit fluid is noticed around the base of
the water heater, this indicates a leak of the closed circuit fluid from the heat exchanger. The closed circuit
fluid is non-toxic and not hazardous to health. Phone Rheem Service or their nearest Accredited Service Agent
to arrange for an inspection.
typical maximum
temperature from solar gain
maximum recommended
supply temperature to
bathrooms and ensuites
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