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DV 12 SBManual
The different clamping levels can only be felt if the horizon-
tal and vertical brakes are open.
If you set the setting rings on the same index number
(e. g. “3”) the degree of the horizontal and vertical damping
is identical and thus enabling precise diagonal panning
movements without jerks and vibrations.
3.7 Brakes
The horizontal brake applies the lock for the pan and the
vertical brake for the tilt movement. Both brakes are vibra-
tionless and can be used during shooting.
3.8 Change of the battery
The illumination is powered by one standard type button
cell (CR 2032, 3 V) located in the battery holder, which can
be opened with a sharp object such as a screwdriver.
Make sure to insert the new batteries according to the
“plus” symbol as indicated in the covering plate.
The battery last for about 2000 illumination cycles.
3.9 Transport setting of damping, counterbalance
and brakes
To ensure smooth operation of the setting rings for the
damping over the long life time period of the fluid head,
you should turn both setting rings from position “0” to
maximum position, before and after the use of the fluid
Setting during transportation: the most important issue is
to open both brakes - horizontal and vertical.
Counterbalance and damping should be set to maximum
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