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DV 12 SBManual
5 Accessories
5.1 Camera plates
The fluid head DV 12 SB is delivered with the Touch & Go
plate 16 (Code No. 1064). It comes with a 1/4” screw and 3/8”
screw. Spare camera screws (1/4”/ 3/8”) and a pin screw are
stored in the balance plate. The pin screw fits in the center hole
of the camera plate. Thus a pin/1/4” screw connection can be
achieved if your camera requires this connection.
If your camera remains front- or back heavy after going through
the necessary centring procedure (paragraph 3.5) you may
solve this by using the C.O.G plate (Code No. 1063). This plate
offers a removed position.The C.O.G. plate can be mounted to
either the front or the back. It can not be operated with pin and
1/4” screw.
5.2 Pan bars
The DV 12 SB comes with a single pan bar. DV 100. There is a
fixing for an additional pan bar on the fluid head. Please order
code no. 1075 for 2nd pan bar. If you prefer telescopic pan
bars, please order code no. 3470 (right pan bar) and 3471 (left
pan bar), respectively.
6 Inspection and Cleaning
Clean the fluid head regularly using a soft cloth and
mild detergent.
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