ManualDV 12 SB
- 3 -
3.2 Moving of the pan bar
Open the black clamping lever of the pan bar and move
the pan bar into the desired position. Close the clamping
lever of the pan bar. During transportation the pan bar can
be moved next to the tripod legs.
Caution: Open the clamping lever of the pan bar far
enough. The teeth of the pan bar clamp should not clatter
while moving the pan bar. However, a plastic protector
prevents against wear of the metal toothed ring. Make sure
that the teeth interleave with each other when closing the
clamping lever of the pan bar.
Use of the enclosed pan bar on the left side of the fluid
head is also possible. For this it is advisable to relocate the
clamp on the pan bar. The pan bar has to be removed
from the head and the black plastic cap on its top should
be opened and removed with a coin or screw driver. The
toothed clamp should be removed and relocated. The pla-
stic cap needs to be tightened again.
3.3 Levelling of the fluid head
Apply the vertical brake and hold the camera with one
hand. Open the clamping screw of the fluid head and
move the head in such a way, that the bubble moves into
the levelĀ“s black circle. Tighten the clamping screw firmly.
Touch Bubble
The DV 12 SB a self illuminating Touch Bubble which
allows easy levelling even under unfavourable lighting
The illumination is activated by strong tapping on the bub-
ble. The bubble will light up to 20 seconds.
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