Installing the water heater.
The water heater must be installed with the factory supplied draft hood in place.
Insulation Blankets
Vent connectors must be attached to the
draft hood outlet to connect the water
heater to the gas vent or chimney. The
vent connectors must be the same size
(diameter) as the draft hood or larger,
never smaller.
For proper venting in certain installations
a larger vent connector size may be
needed. Consult the Vent Tables in
Appendix G of the latest version of the
National Fuel Gas Code (ANSI standard
Z223.1 or NFPA 54.)
Horizontal vent connectors must be
pitched upward to the chimney at least
1/4” per foot of length. Single wall vent
connectors must be at least 6” from
adjacent unprotected combustible surface.
Vent joints must be securely fastened
by sheet metal screws or other approved
Test for spillage at the draft hood relief
opening after 5 minutes of main burner
operation. Use a flame of a match or
candle or smoke. The flame or smoke
should be pulled into the draft hood’s
relief opening(s).
Insulation blankets, available to the
general public, for external use on gas
water heaters are not necessary. The
purpose of an insulation blanket is to
reduce the standby heat loss encountered
with storage tank heaters. This water
heater meets or exceeds the National
Appliance Energy Conservation Act
standards with respect to insulation and
standby loss requirements making an
insulation blanket unnecessary.
The manufacturer’s warranty does not
cover any damage or defect caused by
installation, attachment or use of
any type of energy saving or other
unapproved devices (other than those
authorized by the manufacturer) into, onto
or in conjunction with the water heater.
The use of unauthorized energy saving
devices may shorten the life of the water
heater and may endanger life and property.
The manufacturer disclaims any
responsibility for such loss or injury
resulting from the use of such
unauthorized devices.
CAUTION: If local codes require the
application of an external insulation
blanket to this water heater, pay careful
attention to the following so as not to
restrict the proper function and
operation of the water heater:
Do not cover the operating or warning
labels attached to the water heater or
attempt to relocate them on the exterior
of insulation blanket.
Do not apply insulation to the top of the
water heater. This will interfere with the
safe operation of the draft hood.
Do not cover the burner access door,
jacket door, gas control (thermost at)/gas
valve or pressure and temperature relief
Do not apply insulation to the bottom
of the water heater or the area where
the combustion air inlet openings are
located. This area must be unobstructed
so as not to restrict combustion air flow
to the burner.
Inspect the insulation blanket frequently
making certain it has not sagged and is
restricting the air flow to the combustion
air inlet openings (perforation holes)
located around the lower perimeter of
the water heater jacket. This could result
in an unsafe operating condition.
DANGER: Failure to
install the draft hood and
properly vent the water
heater to the outdoors as
outlined in the Venting
section of this manual will
result in unsafe operation of
the water heater causing
bodily injury, explosion,
fire or death. To avoid the
risk of fire, explosion, or
asphyxiation from carbon
monoxide, NEVER operate
the water heater unless it is
properly vented and has
adequate air supply for
proper operation as
outlined in the Venting
section of this manual.
WARNING: If local codes
require external application
of insulation blanket kits
the manufacturer’s
instructions included with
the kit must be carefully
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