Installation Checklist
A. Water Heater Location
B. Water Supply
C. Gas Supply
D. Relief Valve
E. Venting
Close to area of vent.
Indoors and protected from freezing
Proper clearance from combustible surfaces
observed and water heater not installed on
carpeted floor.
Sufficient fresh air supply for proper
operation of water heater.
Air supply free of corrosive elements and
flammable vapors.
Provisions made to protect area from water
Sufficient room to service heater.
Combustible materials, such as clothing,
cleaning materials, rags, etc. clear of the
base of the heater.
Clearances from combustion air inlet
openings observed (see page 7).
Water heater completely filled with water.
Air purged from water heater and piping.
Water connections tight and free of leaks.
Gas line equipped with shut-off valve, union
and sediment trap.
Approved pipe joint compound used.
Soap and water solution used to check all
connections and fittings for possible gas
Gas Company inspected installation (if
Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
properly installed and discharge line run to
open drain.
Discharge line protected from freezing.
Flue baffle properly hung in top of heater’s
Draft hood properly installed.
Vent connector(s) pitched upward to
(¼" per foot of length minimum) .
Vent connector(s) securely fastened together
with screws.
Single wall vent connector(s) at least 6”
from combustible material.
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