Operating the water heater.
Water Temperature Setting…
Maximum water temperatures occur just
after the burner has shut off. To determine
the water temperature, turn on a hot water
faucet and place a thermometer in the
water stream.
The reference mark S on the rim of
the temperature dial, represents an
approximate water temperature of
120°F(49° C).
The reference mark A
represents an
approximate water temperature of
130°F (54° C).
Each reference mark above or below these
points indicates an approximate change of
10°F (5.5°C).
To adjust the temperature, turn the
temperature dial to an initial setting of
120°F (49°C).
A condition known as “stacking” or
“layering” can occur when a series of
short and frequent hot water draws are
The hottest temperature water will be at
the top of the tank, closest to the outlet
pipe delivering hot water to the home.
Stacking can cause this top layer of water
to be hotter than the water toward the
bottom of the tank near the gas control
Therefore, always remember to test the
water temperature with your hand before
use and remember that hotter water
increases the risk of scald injury.
Also, always supervise young children or
others who are incapacitated.
The gas control (thermostat) is constructed
with a built in safety shut-off device
designed to shut off the gas supply to the
burner if the pilot flame is extinguished
for any reason.
The gas control (thermostat) is also
equipped with a single use gas shut off
device that will shut off the gas supply
to the burner if the water heater exceeds
normal operating temperatures. Refer to
the (Before You Call For Service) section
of this manual, or contact your dealer.
WARNING: Should overheating occur or
the gas supply fail to shut off, turn off the
manual gas control valve to the appliance.
If the water heater has been subjected to
fire, flood or physical damage, turn off
the manual gas control (shut-off) valve,
and do not operate the water heater again
until it has been checked by qualified
NOTICE: Replace any part of the gas
control system which has been under water.
Temperatures are approximate
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