Replacement Parts.
For 30, 38, 40, 50, and 60 gallon models using natural or LP gas.
Instructions For Placing a Parts Order
All parts orders should include:
The model and serial number of the
water heater from the rating plate.
Specify type of gas (natural or LP)
as marked on the rating plate.
Part description (as noted below) and
number of parts desired.
CAUTION: For your safety, DO
NOT attempt repair of gas piping,
gas control (thermostat), burners,
vent connectors or other safety devices.
Refer repairs to qualified service
Draft hood
Flue baffle and hanger
Anode rod
**Heat Trap
**Heat Trap
Dip tube
Dip tube gasket
Drain valve
Temperature and pressure
relief valve
Gas Control (Thermostat)
*Pilot Burner and Piezo Electrode
*Burner supply tube
Jacket Door
*Burner Access Door Grommet
*Sight Glass
*Burner Access Door
*Burner Access Door Gasket
*Pilot Supply Tube
*Burner orifice
*Piezo Ignitor Wire
*Burner Assembly Kit
The kit provides extra speed clips
and tamper resistant screws.
**Not supplied with all models.
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