1.2 Procedure for MultiMove systems
The option MultiMove is not supported with RobotWare 5.60.
The option MultiMove is available in RobotWare 5.15.xx/RobotWare 5.61.
This instruction is valid for IRC5 multi robot systems, that is, systems using the
MultiMove option.
The ABB IRC5 controller has all components in one cabinet.
Additional drive modules can be connected to the controller. These are used in
MultiMove applications where one controller is controlling up to four manipulators.
IRC5 controllerA
Additional drive moduleB
IRC5 Compact Controller does not support MultiMove.
All multi robot systems are configured as single robot systems on delivery. In
order to be fully functional as multi robot systems, these systems must be
re-configured. How to perform this is detailed in Application manual - MultiMove.
Operating manual - Getting started, IRC5 and RobotStudio 13
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1.2 Procedure for MultiMove systems
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