1.3 Installation options and prerequisites
You should have administrator privileges on the PC before installing RobotStudio.
Installation options for RobotStudio
RobotStudio is available for a 30 day trial period. For more information about the
activation procedure, see Operating manual - RobotStudio.
RobotStudio is categorized into the following two feature levels:
Basic - Offers selected RobotStudio functionality to configure, program, and
run a virtual controller. It also includes online features for programming,
configuring, and monitoring a real controller connected over Ethernet.
Premium - Offers full RobotStudio functionality for offline programming and
simulation of multiple robots. The Premium level includes the features of the
Basic level and requires activation.
In addition to the Premium functionality, there are add-ins like PowerPacs and
options for CAD converters available.
PowerPacs provides enhanced features for selected applications.
Options for CAD converters allows import of different CAD formats.
RobotStudio offers the following installation options:
Minimal - Installs only the features required to program, configure, and
monitor a real controller connected over Ethernet.
Complete - Installs all the features required to run the complete RobotStudio.
If installed with this option, additional features of Basic and Premium
functionality are available.
Custom - Installs user-customized features. This option allows excluding
unwanted robot libraries and CAD converters.
RobotStudio 6.0 is installed for the Complete installation option on computers
that have a 64-bit operating system. The 64-bit edition allows large CAD-models
to be imported as it can address more memory than the 32-bit version.
However, the 64-bit edition has the following limitations:
ScreenMaker, SafeMove Configurator, and EPS Wizard are not supported.
Add-ins will be loaded from the following folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics
IT\RobotStudio 6.0\Bin64\Addins
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1.3 Installation options and prerequisites
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