1.4 Connecting a PC to the controller
In general there are two ways of physically connecting a PC to the controller, to
the service port or to the factory network port.
The service port
The service port is intended for service engineers and programmers connecting
directly to the controller with a PC.
The service port is configured with a fixed IP-address, which is the same for all
controllers and cannot be changed, and has a DHCP server that automatically
assigns an IP-address to the connected PC.
The factory network port
The factory network port is referred as LAN port for DSQC 639 and WAN port
for DSQC1000.
The factory network port is intended for connecting the controller to a network.
The network settings can be configured with any IP-address, typically provided by
the network administrator.
The maximum number of connected network clients using Robot Communication
Runtime (RobAPI) is:
WAN: 3 (LAN for DSQC 639)
Service: 1
FlexPendant: 1
The maximum number of applications using RobAPI running on the same PC
connected to one controller has no built-in maximum. However, UAS limits the
number of logged-on users to 50.
The maximum number of concurrently connected FTP clients is 20.
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1.4 Connecting a PC to the controller
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