1.7 Loading calibration data
How to load calibration data
The calibration data is normally stored on the serial measurement board of each
robot, regardless of whether the robot runs an absolute measurement system
(Absolute Accuracy option is installed, AbsAcc) or not. This data is normally
transferred automatically to the controller when the system is powered up, and in
such cases no action is required by the operator.
Verify that the correct SMB data has been loaded into the system as detailed below.
In a MultiMove system, this procedure must be repeated for each robot.
On the FlexPendant, tap the ABB menu, then tap Calibration and select a mechanical
Tap Robot Memory and then tap Show Status.2
The data is displayed with status on the controller and robot memory.
If Valid is displayed under the headings Controller Memory and Robot Memory, cal-
ibration data is correct.
If not, the data (on the robot or in the controller) must be replaced with the correct one
as detailed below:
If, for instance, the SMB board has been replaced, transfer data from controller
to robot memory. If the controller has been replaced, transfer data from the robot
to the controller memory.
Transfer data by tapping Robot Memory,Update, and then selecting which
data to update.
After loading calibration data, proceed with updating the revolution counters. See How
to update revolution counters on page 16.
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1.7 Loading calibration data
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