Overview of this manual
About this manual
This manual is to be used when starting up the system for the very first time. It
contains excerpts from other documents included in the robot system delivery.
This manual includes information for both RobotWare 5 and RobotWare 6.
This manual contains instructions for starting up the IRC5 robot controller for the
very first time after the physical installation has been completed.
Who should read this manual?
This manual is intended for:
Commissioning personnel
The reader should be familiar with:
Mechanically installing the robot hardware.
Be trained in robot operation.
The contents of the manual assumes all hardware (manipulator, controller and
such) has been installed correctly and connected to each other.
Organization of chapters
The manual is organized in the following chapters:
Procedures for setup and startup of the IRC5 robot system.1 Procedures
Descriptions of the parts in IRC5 robot system.2 General
Document IDReference
3HAC021313-001Product manual - IRC5
IRC5 with main computer DSQC 639.
3HAC047136-001Product manual - IRC5
IRC5 with main computer DSQC1000.
3HAC050941-001Operating manual - IRC5 with FlexPendant
3HAC032104-001Operating manual - RobotStudio
3HAC020738-001Operating manual - Troubleshooting IRC5
3HAC050948-001Technical reference manual - System parameters
3HAC050961-001Application manual - MultiMove
3HAC050943-001Operating manual - IRC5 with T10
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Operating manual - Getting started, IRC5 and RobotStudio 7
3HAC027097-001 Revision: P
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Overview of this manual
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