Water Heaters
Electric Residential
The purpose of this manual is twofold:
one, to provide the installer with the basic
directions and recommendations for the proper
installation and adjustment of the water heater;
and two, for the owner–operator, to explain
the features, operation, safety precautions,
maintenance and troubleshooting of the water
heater. This manual also includes a parts list.
It is imperative that all persons who are
expected to install, operate or adjust this
water heater read the instructions carefully
so they may understand how to perform
these operations. If you do not understand
these instructions or any terms within it, seek
professional advice.
Any questions regarding the operation,
maintenance, service or warranty of this
water heater should be directed to the seller
from whom it was purchased. If additional
information is required, refer to the section on
“If you need service.”
Do not destroy this manual. Please read
carefully and keep in a safe place for future
Recognize this symbol as an
indication of Important Safety
California Proposition 65 Warning:
This product contains chemicals
known to the State of California to
cause cancer, birth defects or other
reproductive harm.
Single and Double Element Models,
Residential 20–120 Gallon
AP9029-10 (06/13)
Printed in USA
Use & Care Manual
With Installation Instructions for the Installer
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