Before You Call For Service…
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money! Review the chart on this page first
and you may not need to call for service.
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Rumbling noise Water conditions in your Remove and clean the heating elements.
home caused a build up of
scale or mineral deposits
on the heating elements.
Relief valve Pressure build up caused This is an unacceptable condition and must be
producing popping by thermal expansion corrected. Contact the water supplier or plumbing
noise or draining in a closed system. contractor on how to correct this. Do not plug the
relief valve outlet.
Rattling noise Internal heat trap This is normal for heat trap fittings when in operation
during periods fittings in operation. and does not indicate a need for service.
of water usage
Not enough or Water usage may have Wait for the water heater to recover after an abnormal
no hot water exceeded the capacity demand.
of the water heater.
A fuse is blown or a circuit Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker.
breaker tripped.
Electric supply may be off. Make sure electric supply to water heater and
disconnect switch, if used, are in the ON position.
The thermostat may See the Temperature regulation of the water heater
be set set too low. section of this manual.
Leaking or open hot Make sure all faucets are closed.
water faucets.
Electric service to your Contact the local electric utility.
home may be interrupted.
Improper wiring. See the Installing the water heater section of this
Manual reset limit (ECO). See the Temperature regulation of the water heater
section of this manual.
Cold water inlet This is normal. The colder inlet water takes longer
temperature may be to heat.
colder during the
winter months.
Water is too hot The thermostat See the Temperature regulation of the water heater
is set too high. section of this manual.
CAUTION: For your safety DO NOT attempt repair of electrical wiring, thermostats, heating elements or other safety
devices. Refer repairs to qualified service personnel.
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