Air Guide Specifications
RA13 Series
System Description
Outdoor-mounted, air-cooled, split-system air conditioner com-
posite base pan unit suitable for ground or rooftop installation.
Unit consists of a hermetic compressor, an air-cooled coil, pro-
peller-type condenser fan, suction and legend line service valve,
and a control box. Unit will discharge supply air upward as shown
on contract drawings. Unit will be used in a refrigeration circuit to
match up to a coil unit.
Quality Assurance
Unit will be rated in accordance with the latest edition of AHRI
Standard 210.
Unit will be certified for capacity and efficiency, and listed in
the latest AHRI directory.
Unit construction will comply with latest edition of ANSI/
ASHRAE and with NEC.
Unit will be constructed in accordance with UL standards and
will carry the UL label of approval. Unit will have c-UL-us
Unit cabinet will be capable of withstanding ASTM B117 1000-
hr salt spray test.
Air-cooled condenser coils will be leak tested at 150 psig and
pressure tested at 550 psig.
— Unit constructed in ISO9001 approved facility.
Delivery, Storage, and Handling
Unit will be shipped as single package only and is stored and
handled per unit manufacturer’s recommendations.
Warranty (for inclusion by specifying engineer) — U.S. and
Canada only.
Factory assembled, single piece, air-cooled air conditioner unit.
Contained within the unit enclosure is all factory wiring, piping,
controls, compressor, refrigerant charge R-410A, and special fea-
tures required prior to field start-up.
Unit Cabinet
Unit cabinet will be constructed of galvanized steel, bonder-
ized, and coated with a powder coat paint.
All units constructed with louver coil protection and corner post.
Louver can be removed by removing one fastener per louver
Condenser fan will be direct-drive propeller type, discharging
air upward.
Condenser fan motors will be totally enclosed, 1-phase type
with class B insulation and permanently lubricated bearings.
Shafts will be corrosion resistant.
— Fan blades will be statically and dynamically balanced.
Condenser fan openings will be equipped with coated steel
wire safety guards.
— Compressor will be hermetically sealed.
— Compressor will be mounted on rubber vibration isolators.
Condenser Coil
— Condenser coil will be air cooled.
Coil will be constructed of aluminum fins mechanically bonded
to copper tubes.
Refrigeration Components
Refrigeration circuit components will include liquid-line shutoff
valve with sweat connections, vapor-line shutoff valve with
sweat connections, system charge of R-410A refrigerant, and
compressor oil.
Unit will be equipped with filter drier for R-410A refrigerant for
field installation.
Operating Characteristics
The capacity of the unit will meet or exceed _____ Btuh at a
suction temperature of _____ °F/°C. The power consumption
at full load will not exceed _____ kW.
Combination of the unit and the evaporator or fan coil unit will
have a total net cooling capacity of _____ Btuh or greater at
conditions of _____ CFM entering air temperature at the evap-
orator at _____ °F/°C wet bulb and _____ °F/°C dry bulb, and
air entering the unit at _____ °F/°C.
The system will have a SEER of _____ Btuh/watt or greater at
DOE conditions.
Electrical Requirements
Nominal unit electrical characteristics will be _____ v, single
phase, 60 hz. The unit will be capable of satisfactory operation
within voltage limits of _____ v to _____ v.
Nominal unit electrical characteristics will be _____ v, three
phase, 60 hz. The unit will be capable of satisfactory operation
within voltage limits of _____ v to _____ v.
— Unit electrical power will be single point connection.
— Control circuit will be 24v.
Special Features
Refer to section of this literature identifying accessories and
descriptions for specific features and available enhancements.
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