Air Features & Benefits
RA13 Series
The entire cabinet has powder post paint ( ) achieving 1000
hour salt spray rating, allowing the cabinet to retain its aesthetics
throughout its life.
Scroll compressors with standard internal pressure relief and
internal thermal overload are used on all capacities assuring
longevity of high efficient and quiet operation for the life of the
Each unit is shipped with filter drier for field installation and will
trap any moisture or dirt that could contaminate the refrigerant
All cabinets have industry leading structural strength due to the
composite base pan ( ), interlocking corner post ( ), formed
curved louver panels ( ) and drawn top cover ( ) making it
the most durable cabinet on the market today.
Each RA13 capacity has undergone rigorous psychometric test-
ing to assure performance ratings of capacity, SEER and EER
per AHRI Standard 210/240 rating conditions. Also
each unit bears the UL mark and each unit is certified
to UL 1995 safety standards.
Each unit has undergone specific strain and modal testing to
assure tubing () is outside the units natural frequency and that
the suction and discharge lines connected to the compressor
withstand any starting, steady state operation or shut down
forces imposed by the compressor.
All units have been sound tested in sound chamber to AHRI 270
rating conditions, and A-weighted Sound Power Level tables
produced, assuring units have acceptable noise qualities (see
page 9). Each unit has been ran in cooling operation at 95°F
and 82°F and sound ratings for the RA13 range from as low as
73 dBA to 79 dBA.
All units have been ship tested to assure units meet stringent
“over the road” shipping conditions.
As manufactured all units in the RA13 family have cooling capa-
bility to 55 °F. Addition of low ambient control will allow the unit
to operate down to 0°F. Factory testing is performed on each
unit. All component parts meet well defined specification and
continually go through receiving inspections. Each component
installed on a unit is scanned, assuring correct component uti-
lization for a given unit capacity and voltage. All condenser coils
are leak tested with pressurization test to 550#’s and once
installed and assembled, each units’ complete refrigerant
system is helium leak tested. All units are fully charged from the
factory for up to 15 feet of piping. All units are factory run tested.
The RA13 has a 10-year conditional compressor and parts war-
ranty (registration required).
Optional Accessories
(Refer to accessory chart for model #)
Compressor Crankcase Heater
Protects against refrigerant migration that can occur during low
ambient operation
Compressor Sound Cover
• Reinforced vinyl compressor cover containing a 1½ inch thick
batt of fiberglass insulation
• Open edges are sealed with a one-inch wide hook and loop
fastening tape
Compressor Hard Start Kit
• Single-phase units are equipped with a PSC compressor
motor, this type of motor normally does not need a potential
relay and start capacitor
• Kit may be required to increase the compressor starting
torque, in conditions such as low voltage
Low Ambient Kit
• Air conditioners operate satisfactorily in the cooling mode
down to 55°F outdoor air temperature without any additional
• This Kit can be added in the field enabling unit to operate
properly down to 0° in the cooling mode
• Crankcase heater and freezestat should be installed on com-
pressors equipped with a low ambient kit
• Gray high density polyethylene feet are available to raise unit
off of mounting surface away from moisture
Low Pressure
• Can be added in field enabling the unit to shut off compressor
on loss of charge
NOTE: Unit can be purchased with high and low pressure
installed at factory. (Refer to SKU list)
High Pressure
• Can be added in field enabling unit to shut off compressor if
unit loses outdoor fan operation.
NOTE: Unit can be purchased with high and low pressure
installed at factory. (Refer to SKU list)
Decorative Top
• Can be installed on fan grille
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