Using the Remote Control
Inserting Batteries
Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote control.
Insert two AA batteries by matching + and – sign on both batteries to the
diagram inside the remote control battery compartment.
Replace the battery back cover.
Always make sure to have the batteries installed correctly. Incorrect installation
can cause damage to the remote control.
Always replace the batteries in pair. Do not mix an old battery with a new
battery. Be sure to use the same type of batteries.
Remove the batteries when knowing the remote control will not be used for an
extended period of time to avoid damage from possible battery leakage.
To ensure normal operation, the remote control should not be dropped or
damaged in any way.
Using the Remote Control
Power Button: Press the Power button to turn ON the TV. The LED indicator will
become Blue. Press the button again to turn OFF the TV into Standby mode. The
LED indicator will become Amber.
Scaling Button: Press the Scaling button to change the image to different
aspects. Aspects include Full, Fill Aspect Ratio, 4:3 to 16:9, Letterbox to 16:9,
Letterbox Subtitles to 16:9, One to One.
Display Button: Press the Display button to enable information display such as
TV channel or source of connection. Press the button again to turn off the
information display.
Audio Swap Button: Press the Audio Swap button to swap the main window’s
audio signal source with the PIP window’s audio signal source.
Swap Button: Press the Swap button to swap the main window’s video signal
source with the PIP window’s video signal source.
PIP Position Button: Press the PIP Position button to cycle through 9 different
PIP window positions.
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