Advanced Settings
This menu is for changing setting of PIP mode for both PC and Video. User may
change setting for PIP Size, Source, Position, Brightness, Contrast, and
“Swap” feature is not available when under main source of PC or Component.
To begin, choose a TV source from either AIR or CATV.
Before using the TV mode, user must perform Channel Auto Search for the TV to
search through channel.
This menu allow user to scan and memorize all desired channel, including
broadcast TV system and cable TV system. After the channel being saved, user
may use the Up/Down button on the remote to search through channel. It also
allow user add or erase channels according to the user preference.
To add or erase the channel select channel edit first and enter channel number
by the Number Buttons. After entering the number select Channel Add/Erase
and then use Right button to select Add or Erase.
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