To set up parental control, select TV Guidelines Blocking and then press
Right button to the set the TV Guidelines Blocking Press Up/Down buttons to select
any rating, then press Right button, it will display the different contents of
age-defined ratings. For TV-PG, it will display these cycling contents: SHOW, BLOCK,
D, S, L, V, DL, DS, DV, LS, LV, SV, DLS, DLV, DSV, LSV, DLSV as the below list. For
TV-Rating press “X” key to change to “Rating Off”. Then all the ratings will set to
The age-defined ratings for Television
TV-Y Young children
TV-Y7 Children 7 and over
TV-G General audience
TV-PG Parental guidance
TV-14 Viewers 14 and over
TV-MA Mature audience
TV Guidelines is for the younger ages. When restricting the younger ages, the
elder ages will also have certain level of restrictions. Setting LSV for TV-PG, the
TV-14 and TV-MA are also restrict to LSV, or the system will automatically set
content at LSV for the three ratings. But it does not affect the TV-Y, TV-Y7, and
TV-G ratings. While watching TV with parents, it will conceal the improper
programs for the youngest children in family.
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