The contents of TV Guidelines rating
FV: Fantasy violence
D: Sexual suggestive dialog
L: Adult language
S: Sexual situation
V: Violence
MPAA Ratings:
The MPAA stands for The Motion Picture Association of America system. It is
mainly restrictions for the movies. When using V-Chip, TV will automatically
block any critical encoding program. To set up MPAA first to select MPAA Rating
and then press Up/Down button to select the rating to change. Then choose
either Show the rating or Block the rating. To turn off all of the ratings just select
MPAA NR (No Rating), press Right key to change to “Rating Off”. Then all the
ratings will set to “Show”.
G: General audience (no restrictions).
PG: Parental guidance suggested.
PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned.
R: Restricted. Children under 17 should be
accompanied by an adult.
NC-17: No Children under 17.
X: Adults only
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