Change Password
To change password, enter the Change Password Number option in the V-Chip
function, press Right button to change password. Enter six digital password in
enter new password number. And then confirm the password by enter same
password again.
V-chip (Volatile)
After finishing setting the restricted channel and Pressing Up/Down button to
select the “V-chip(Volatile)” with “ON”, it will be saved in memory to keep
original settings when turning on the power at next time. On the contrary,
selecting “V-chip(Volatile” with “OFF”, it will recall original factory default, that is
to say, all the ratings will set to “Show”.
V-Chip Lock:
When going into the restricted channel, V-Chip will activate and turn the screen
into blurred and blank. The message “Excessive Rating” will display on the
screen. For normally programming the user will need to press the Number
button to go into other channels.
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