Before calling the technical support or service technician, please read through this
lists of problems and possible solutions.
According to the industrial standards, there are a certain number of defective pixels
both bright and dark that are acceptable. Although we produce panel with more
than 99.99 percent active cells, there still may be some cells that do not produce
light or remain lit. For more information, please contact sales or the technical
There is no picture or sound
Make sure the AC adapter is properly inserted in
the Power outlet.
Reception other than those of broadcasting
stations can be considered.
Make sure the input mode is set to TV.
Make sure the main power switch of the main unit
is on.
There is no picture from AV.
Make sure the BLACK LEVEL is properly adjusted.
Fluorescent lamp may have reached the end of
service life.
Make sure the video I/P terminal is not free of
There is no sound.
Make sure the volume is not set to minimum.
Make sure the sound is not set to mute.
Make sure that headphones are not connected.
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