Maintenance Guidelines
It is required to provide proper care to the PDP. Please follow the instructions on the
maintaining your PDP.
Before cleaning, be sure to unplug the power core.
Do not use the PDP near water as it contains sensitive electronic parts and
high voltage.
Do not use any chemical or alcohol to clean the surface of the PDP.
Do not drop liquid of any kind or stick any object into the PDP.
Cleaning for Cover and Remote
Use soft cotton cloth.
When the dust gets on cover or remote control, dipping cloth in diluted
neutral detergent, dry it to wipe out the dust, do not let liquid goes inside of
unit and then clean it with cloth.
Cleaning for Screen
The surface of screen is fragile glass; do not clean with sharp objects for
fear of scraping glass. Do not heavily press or slap glass to prevent glass
When cleaning the PDP glass, use a soft or a lint-free cloth with alcohol to
gently clean the glass. Do not use window cleaners or solutions that
contain ammonia and chemical of any kind to clean the display.
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