Product Features
The Product features include:
Built-in Screen Move: Screen move feature to reduce the possibility of screen
3-D Digital Comb Filter: Enhances color purity of Composite Video input
sources, reducing cross-color artifacts like dot crawl and moiré.
Wide Viewing Angle: Over 160 degrees (horizontal and vertical) viewing angle.
Picture in Picture: Users may simultaneously watch two images from different
video sources.
Channel Memory: Allows users to add and remove channel according to
personal preference.
16:9 Enhancement: Widescreen technology that maximizes picture quality
when playing widescreen enhanced video.
Parental Control: V-Chip technology allows parents to block unsuitable
programming for under age viewers.
Color Temperature: 3 user selectable color temperature settings are available
for image optimization.
D-Sub 15 VGA Input: Allows users to connect the computer to the plasma TV
to use the plasma TV as a computer monitor.
Digital Visual Interface (DVI): This product is equipped with a DVI-D interface
for a digital-to-digital connection.
TV Tuner Built-in: Built-in NTSC tuner to receive conventional analog
broadcasts; de-interlacing circuit with 3:2 pull down converting interlaced
analog sources to the progressive-scan display, significantly improving picture
Built-in TV and TV Audio Out: Outputs TV video/audio signal to an external
Built-in Speakers: Built-in stereo speakers with 2 watts per channel.
Input Signals
Component Video (YCbCr/ YPbPr)
Composite Video
Analog VGA (D-Sub 15pin)
Digital DVI
RS232 Communication Port (D-Sub 9pin)
TV Tuner Built-in
(1) an optional set-top HDTV receiver box is required to receive digital signals
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