Quick Installation
1. Connect either VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort Video Source from the monitor to the computer.
Make sure both monitor and computer are powered OFF. Please note. The monitor ships
with only VGA and DisplayPort cables. HDMI cable may be sourced separately from a cable
2. Connect the audio cable from audio output of computer to the audio input of the monitor.
3. Connect the USB cable from the computer to the monitor.
4. Connect power cord to a properly grounded AC outlet, and then to the monitor.
5. Power-ON computer and then POWER-ON the monitor.
6. Set the timing mode on your computer. Recommended resolution and refresh rate is 1920 x
1080 @ 60Hz.
Figure 1:
VGA cable
HDMI cable
not su
Audio cable
USB 2.0 cable
DisplayPort cable
Power cable
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