Option 2: OSD & Power button lock – all 5 buttons including the “POWER” button are locked.
Press and hold the 1 button and the button for 10 seconds to lock all 5 buttons.
The Touch LED LCD Monitor will show a “POWER BUTTON LOCKED” message for 3 seconds and
the message will disappear automatically.
Repeat this step to unlock.
PCT2235 Calibration/Reset Instructions:
The PCT2235 is available with USB connection. It is Microsoft® Windows® 7, 8, 10 HID (Human
Interface Device) compatible if you use the USB touch screen interface. No additional software
driver is required. Calibration is a simple process and can be invoked by running Tablet PC
Settings from Control Panel and clicking the Calibrate button.
Click the Reset button to reset the touchscreen to the factory calibration settings. To reset the
existing calibration data, click "Reset" in the Tablet PC Settings window.
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