H./V. POSITION: To adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the video.
HORIZONTAL POSITION: : move screen to the right, : move screen to the left.
VERTICAL POSITION: : move screen up, : move screen down.
HORIZONTAL SIZE: To adjust the width of the screen image.
: increase the width of screen image, : decrease the width of screen image.
FINE TUNE: To adjust the delay time of data and clock.
Press or to adjust to your preference.
SHARPNESS: To adjust the clarity of a non-Full HD Resolution (1920x1080) signal with
or button.
VIDEO MODE ADJUSTMENT: To select the video mode from FULL SCREEN or ASPECT
SETUP MENU: To set up Language Select, OSD Position, OSD Time Out and OSD
LANGUAGE SELECT: To allow users to choose from available languages.
OSD POSITION: Press or button to select between horizontal and vertical OSD
Position adjustment.
HORIZONTAL POSITION: To horizontally adjust the OSD position.
: move OSD to the right, : move OSD to the left.
VERTICAL POSITION: To vertically adjust the OSD position.
: move OSD up, : move OSD down.
OSD TIME OUT: To automatically turn off On Screen Display (OSD) after a preset period
of time.
OSD BACKGROUND: Allows the user to turn the OSD background On or Off.
MEMORY RECALL: To recall factory settings for Video & Audio controls.
Press button 2 to select the Memory Recall menu option.
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