No power
Make sure A/C power cord is securely connected to the power adapter and the power supply
is firmly connected to the Touch LED LCD Monitor.
Plug another electrical device into the power outlet to verify that the outlet is supplying
proper voltage.
Make sure all signal cables are installed.
Power on but no screen image
Make sure the video cable supplied with the Touch LED LCD Monitor is tightly secured to the
video output port on back of the computer. If not, tightly secure it.
Adjust brightness.
Wrong or abnormal colors
If any colors (red, green, blue) are missing, check the video cable to make sure it is securely
connected. Loose or broken pins in the cable connector could cause an improper connection.
Connect the Touch LED LCD Monitor to another computer.
Touch screen is not working
Make sure the USB A to B Cable is securely connected to both the computer and the Touch
LED LCD Monitor.
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